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Helping tenants find, negotiate, design, construct, and occupy killer spaces.

We ONLY represent Tenants

That’s the “New” part of NewOption. We will not represent landlords or sellers. Firms that represent both landlords and tenants create obvious conflicts of interest. Our business structure is unusual, but we prefer to keep our mission pure and work for our tenants and buyers exclusively.

We assist in determining what you need with thorough needs analysis, search the market, sift through the clutter and find the facilities that fit you best. That’s the “Option” part of NewOption. We do the market study and analysis homework, so you review only the best available options, or everything under the sun, your call. At NewOption, we become your in-house real estate department, taking orders directly from your executive team.

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Paul’s been using his powers for the good of Tenant-kind since he graduated from C.U. Business School in 1980 and began working in Denver for Van Schaack Commercial Properties. For years he toiled at the heels of Denver’s best commercial real estate and legal minds while building his credentials and skill set.

Whiteside has managed transactions totaling just over...honestly, he has no earthly idea, but it’s into the millions of feet. He’s participated in all varieties of the commercial side including development, asset management, and property and Tenant representation for industrial, office and retail disciplines. But large scale office tenant representation is his first love, and in the twenty odd years he’s been working in Boulder, he’s handled better than half of the most significant and noteworthy transactions. Because he’s been in the business for a while and has witnessed unsavory and unethical behavior, he has a near obsession for the loyalty and humility that should be incumbent upon any fiduciary, especially tenant representatives. There are no short-cuts. Paul has a long standing reputation in the front range business community for being a supple and shrewd negotiator; using his skills to seize advantages and opportunities others may miss. He has a dogged determination to deliver results for his clients, while maintaining a down to earth respectful camaraderie with the other side of the negotiating table.


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Since his start in commercial real estate in 2002, Aaron has become a highly trusted, hardworking and prolific commercial broker focused mainly in the Northwest Metro, Boulder County and US-36 Corridor markets. He has closed hundreds of office, flex space and warehouse transactions, and gained valuable experience building relationships with building owners, developers, brokers and client company executives alike.  Focused strictly on working on the tenant side of the transaction, he has developed an extensive background, and expertise in tenant representation.

Operating in a team structure at NewOption, Aaron has partnered with Paul Whiteside on all of their transactions and among all industry types: from tech and software companies, outdoor product companies, marketing and advertising companies, light manufacturing to law firms.

Aaron’s role is handling transactions from initial strategy, to market search to move in and beyond.  He is fastidious and expert at the numerous tasks involved in analyzing space requirements, financial analyses and all elements that arise throughout tenant lease and sale transactions.  What has set Aaron apart from other brokers is his ability to listen and translate what clients are searching for into results that are ideal for that particular company. With this ability, he has been able to discern not just the big picture, but the fine detail that separates the great final outcome from the merely good.

Aaron received his B.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in Biochemistry.

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What we do is gather the information, provide all critical data and strategy options, and ultimately our clients make the decisions.


At NewOption, we don’t just ask you to “trust us,” since we don’t represent landlords or sellers and don’t have an inventory to fill, we have no conflicts of interest.

Our sole mission is aligned with yours: You determine what type of facility and lease deal best suits your business needs, and we find the candidate properties, every one of them.


We’ve helped numerous Tenants find the spaces they’ve needed.

We’ve represented small, local companies like Justin’s Nut Butter and mix1; to big, multi-national corporations like KeyBank, Crocs, and Johnson & Johnson. We’ve worked with companies that started small and grew fast like WebRoot. Some needed a three room office, others a three building campus.

Tenant Representation Process

Our goal, regularly achieved, is to find the most accommodating environment and set of financial parameters for our clients.

We are not merely in the business of meeting your expectations. We realize that you have choices. Unless we exceed your expectations and provide an unparalleled relocation and negotiation experience, we are not doing our jobs.


You don’t need a series of new tasks; you’ve got enough to do.

What you need is a facility that suits your company. At NewOption, our job is not done until your people are moved in, and your company is positively thriving in the new space.


We’ve collectively been a part of this community for more than 50 years.

We know all of the players; the landlords, the brokers, the designers, contractors, the inventory and the market. We know individual landlord’s histories and what business points they are likely to concede, and where they will likely hold fast based on our numerous past transactions with them. We follow trends – anticipating market changes. We track Tenants – spotting likely subleases as well as your competitor’s spaces. All this information is relevant.

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How? By offering guidance and advisory services before, during and after for any and all of our projects.

Step 1. Commitment

We’ll begin our process by assessing (how you operate, your company’s culture and how this will affect) your space needs.

We ask annoying questions until you’ve spilled everything we need to know.  Then and only then are we fully prepared to protect your interests and create the best possible platform, physically, transactionally, and legally.

Step 2. Requirements Analysis

We’ve seen what can happen to an office environment over time; it stops working, or it hampers communication, or worse, it’s where your soul goes to wither and die.

The new space should be charged with positive energy, and have a physical construction that is not only built to re-launch your company in the near term, but also well into the future.  It’s an asset, one of the company’s most important.  It must work just as hard as you do.

Step 3. RFP Process

This is a document that we prepare, after collaborating with your decision makers to determine your particular needs.

We will deliver this RFP to the selected prospective landlords and developers.

Step 4. Short list / Space Planning / Costing

Upon receipt of proposals we will short list the respondents based on your preferences and begin space planning with the two or three most appealing alternatives.

This may often be the most time consuming part of the project, yet the most critical in determining a final site.  Once these plans are separately revised by the competing project planners, the cost is established and final proposals can be analyzed.

Step 5. Negotiate

Our advantage lies in the fact that we know the landlords, know who’s hungry for a deal and why.

We know their tendencies, and their lease documents like the back of our hands.

Step 6. Construction Remodel

A number of mistakes can be made here.

It is important to protect your interests by knowing the danger zones like change orders, mark-ups, and generally insuring that the finished product is as accommodating as originally advertised. The construction manager is very important, and while we will not manage the construction process, we attend every construction meeting and demand extraordinary performances from every role player.

We've Worked With...

  • Tech Stars
  • Albeo
  • Scarpa
  • CP+B
  • Webroot
  • Fear Less
  • Mix 1
  • Finish Line
  • Noodles
  • BDW
  • Pharmaca
  • Justin's
  • Key Bank
  • Holland Hart
  • Kid Robot
  • Bright Horizons
  • Salewa
  • American Recreation Products
  • Sea to Summit
  • Kahuna Ventures
  • Intrado
  • Crocs
  • Mountain Sports Media

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